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Panoramic Pictures Photos of Devon Cornwall Dorset & Somerset by JIM RENNICK  B.A. Fine Art (Canterbury) 

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Our eyes have a Wide Angle view of the world. Therefore, Panoramic Photographs give us a much more natural way of looking at landscapes than normal Photographs. Panoramic Pictures give us much more of the feeling of actually "being there", more like looking at the real view. I have always loved travelling and have always taken lots of photos but, when returning home, I would always feel disappointed, because these photos always failed to recapture the experience of actually "being there" in the beautiful landscapes of Devon, Cornwall, Dorset, Somerset. About 15 years ago, to overcome this frustration with normal format photos, I tried taking a series of sequential photos, overlapping side by side. Then I would take the prints and cut the overlap, and stick them down to produce a panoramic picture.Those first crude, but effective, Panoramas started my passion for Panoramic  Photography.

Today I use panoramic software to stitch the digital images producing large, high quality panoramic prints.

Thank you for visiting my photography website & I hope you enjoy the view as much as I did when taking these West Country Photographs.

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